Transforming from the Inside-Out

At women’s ministry, I chanced upon the most unexpected person who would be the inspiration for this entry. Out of respect for her privacy, I have decided to name her ‘China’ because of her nice chinky eyes 😉

China is like any 16 year old teenager. She loves to shop, eat and talk. She is well-read, eloquent, well-mannered and quite intelligent for her age. The only difference is that she is home-schooled.

China says her parents set her and her siblings for home school early on for a variety of reasons. At first, I was a bit skeptical on how a child like her could survive the outside world, literally having been living a sheltered life.

But as we talk more, I observe a calm confidence about China that tells me she is more than ready for anything life throws at her, all thanks to her parents who prepared her for this very day.

Then it hits me: parenting.

Pastor Peter, a father himself, spiritedly said to NEVER delegate parenting to anyone “not to the school, not to the church, not to the media, not to anyone, period”.

China is just one of the many home schooled kids I talk to, and they share one thing: they are not conformed to this world. They stay true to who they are: intelligent, unshaken and confident.

And this is thanks to the parents who take their roles seriously. They mold their children from the inside-out to prepare them for the world.

Today, you can observe the kind of value system people have: an emphasis on status, power, etc. and this is because they let the world ‘shape’ them. Young people start beautifully, and then as life goes by, they are slowly molding themselves to the current. They go with the flow and before they know it, their guards are down. Drinking, drugs, promiscuity, then insecurity and a feeling of worthlessness kicks in, and this is because parenting was delegated. Their materialistic value system is encouraged in society but eventually creates for a weaker individual in the long run. Happy now does not mean happy later.

But you say: “I’ve made a mistake already. It’s not going to happen for me”. Of course it will! Remember, the Lord works from the inside-out. Get to know Him more through Bible reading. Keep being transformed, constantly renew your mind. Undoubtedly, He will change your heart and eventually your life.

As for my young friend China, she is excited to go to college. She has the armor and ammunition to face the world head-on, all thanks to her parents.

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