Silence Makes the Loudest Sound

shouting on phone

There are some people I know who can’t function without having the TV or radio on. First thing they do in the morning: switch on their cable TV or put on some really loud music. Mind you, this is also how they entertain guests at home: through the remote control.

It’s like a minute spent in silence is deafening to them.

Not for me. I bloom in silence.

Growing up in cozy Novaliches surrounded by trees, plants and having an aquarium of a house all to myself has never opened my ears to the disastrously noisy city of Makati.

I literally cannot function with the radio or TV on when I’m working. I am getting fond of the fact that I can think better and produce more thanks to silence. I don’t want any distractions of the TV, the radio or loud people. I just want my quiet time so bad, its like being paralyzed without it!

Noise aggravates the hell out of me. I can’t even stand people who talk too loudly on their mobile phones or to anyone for that matter (as if the person they are talking to is deaf). I have never felt a greater need for silence especially when I have a tight deadline to meet. And because of this, more and more I detest the noise of senseless talk, the hollow company of television and the incessant need to fill my ears with rubbish music.

And finding silence has been a challenge for me as of late.

I would rather sit in silence with a friend and bask at each other’s mutual affection than share coffee over some senseless talk of who won at Big Brother House.

Noise simply exhausts me.

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.

― Elbert Hubbard

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