Light Bearer Chronicles: Rebelling Against a Cynical Generation

Yes, We Can (44th/52)
Hope more, it kills cynicism.

We live in a jaded generation. Today’s generation is so uninspired, jaded and already dead it shows on so many levels: marriage, work, friendships, business, the concept of having kids, the opposite sex, money, love, you name it, and these cynical men and women have an air-tight, unsolicited response to each.

As a result, their negativity brings upon a society that does only the bare minimum. There is no bigger purpose left aside from making more money and harnessing more power to support their already exploding egos.

I come across so many people that say they’ve been there, done that and that nothing surprises them anymore. Such people treat life like it was some curse and in my annoying sense of humor, I retaliate: “If you’ve seen it all, wouldn’t it be grand if you’d just do everybody a favor and disappear entirely?”

People who think this way feel that they have learned everything about life and that there is nothing else to learn and do except “infect” others with their disease. That describes this generation of soulless life-sucking entities who drift along this life.

The Reason Behind the Cynicism

Is there a reason for this? Perhaps being raised with absolutely no values, no morals, and practicing instant gratification does this to people. Plus the fact that we are conditioned at a certain age to rebel against our parents (who are our first line of authority figures as we grow up) as possible things to consider.

I remember looking around and thinking “If these people are the future, we are all screwed”. I keep hoping that if I had a kid it would rebel from this way of life. To be good according to Jesus’ standards, to appreciate the beauty of life and pursue what is right. To live a life he or she can be proud of: clean, just and moral.

If you want to see real human beings, go down to your local nursery. Look at the way the kids play together, how they share and communicate and spend five minutes doing that. Nice isn’t it?

We weren’t always this ugly.

Wayne W. Dyer said it best: Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world”.

How about you? How can you rise above the negativity, cynicism and ugliness?

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