Preparing an 8 Year Old for Life

How do you explain to an 8 year old…

That ‘friends’ who talk down, embarrass and alienate you are really not your friends

That whatever people think of you is their business, not yours

That accepting and loving who you truly are is the beginning of wisdom

That attitude is extremely contagious. So think hard if yours is worth catching.

That beauty really is and will only be skin deep

That being content will surprisingly make you happier and more giving

That being good and kind will not always be returned (but when you look back, it will all be worth it)

That by blessing people, you unknowingly bless yourself as well

That focusing on becoming a good daughter, sister and friend is a rewarding, lifetime commitment

That reckless words are dangerous and can destroy a life

That violence, in whatever form, is unacceptable

That acting and showing respect, regardless of the recipient or situation, is a reflection of your upbringing, education and character

That the kind of friends you keep define who you are

That there will always be mean girls and boys in this life. Familiarize yourself with such qualities and steer clear.

That there will always be better and lesser persons than yourself. Embrace it.

That your background and life experiences should never define you

That humbleness and the ability to listen are great strengths

That prayer life is necessary

That God loves you unconditionally regardless of what you’ve done

That it’s never too late to start all over again

This post is dedicated to all girls in every color, shape, size and age.

May you find strength, peace and hope in this journey we call Life…



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