What Time Means to Me

As much as I value my time, if I spend it with you it only means you are my dear friend. In all friendships, it is a give and take situation. If I feel that you waste my time with unkept promises, tardiness or inconsideration, please inform me. Nothing annoys me more than inefficiency.

In my previous post, I mentioned that my barometer of testing a person’s character is through money. Time is also an instrument, although it is something that does not carry as much weight as money.

My time translates to money. And time spent doing senseless things with someone is something I should have done productively alone. I really don’t mind waiting if I am given a heads-up (as this gives me ample time to do other things that occupy me at the moment). I just hope some people would be professional, sensible and, dare I say, respectful enough to be considerate of the plans and schedules of others.

We are no longer infants that need to be coddled. It’s high time to grow some backbone and develop character.

Money and time are deal breakers for me. If you are a person who respects and values other people’s time and money, then welcome my friend. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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