A Book of Promises

Books are the friendliest companions anyone can have. It can define a person. It speaks to one’s deepest thoughts, creativity & personality. In the website dictionary reference.com, a book is defined as handwritten & printed work of fiction (and non-fiction), usually on sheets of paper fastened or bound together within cover.

Today, putting E in front of the book will immediately send off the words similar to that of the printed type, such as handwritten, printed and cover.

Way back in grade school, Sweet Valley High & Sweet Dreams were the most popular reading material among girls. High school was an extreme one. Bookworms will have a library of the best classical books like: JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings which sold over 150 million copies from 1954-1955; CS Lewis’ the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe that from its release in 1950, sold 85 million copies while JK Rowling’s H. Potter which sold 450 million from 1997-2007.

But guess what book sold 6 billion copies since it was first printed?

The Holy Bible.

Even adding up the 3 books that I sighted cannot outnumber the amount sold by the Bible.

The Bible is composed of 66 books, 39 of them is the Old Testament while 27 is the New Testament published approximately in 6900 languages with 40 authors. Some people perceive this book as a basic instruction before leaving earth.

I believe this is the most neglected book in the world. May I see the hands of those who have a Bible? Now, may I see the hands of those who read it everyday?

Do you know that it is banned in at least 52 countries?

Just to mention a few: The government of China, for example, allowed the book to be distributed to churches and seminaries but could not be mail-ordered by individual or unregistered churches. A certain Pastor Gong in China was arrested in 2001 and is serving a 19 year prison sentence. He suffered a stroke last Dec 2012 which left him paralyzed and unable to speak. Even at the age of 85 and given his condition, his family was denied visitation.

In Morocco, they allowed the Bible to be printed in French, English and Spanish but not in Arabic.

In Maldives, only foreigners can have Bibles in private.

How did the Bible become such a big threat to these countries?

In Hebrews 4:12 , it says “ For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword, it penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

People are being persecuted in other countries for speaking the truth. What is wrong about a life changing experience? I’m not talking about the Life of Pi but the life of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables who encountered God’s grace and decided to turn over a new leaf.

The Law of God is the simplest to accept. Faith = salvation.

The law of man is legalism. Mistakes = punishment.

What then do you prefer?

Inside the Bible you can find  stories like Noah’s Ark, Joseph the Dreamer, King Solomon’s Proverbs,  David’s Psalms,  Jesus’ Parables and other great literary pieces. You name it! It took 1600 years to write this book.

And sad to say, after what I just openly shared, the truth is we still look for other books to read. Maybe the controversial gospel of Judas or perhaps the unpopular gospel of peanuts?

Stephen Covey who died July last year wrote in his book “People who don’t read are no better off than people who can’t read.”

Think of the Bible as a Love letter from a perfect Father who does not want us to be led astray in this world but to teach us how to live life according to His will. The will to purposely live for Him as his children, made into His likeness for His pleasure.  If your dad gave you a letter wouldn’t you be excited to read it?

About the Author:

Aside from being a lover of water sports, the sun and everything about nature, Miss Duckie shares her time and talents at Sunday school and works as a Financial Consultant for a prestigious and private investment firm in the Philippines


  1. There is no doubt the Bible is the most popular book ever printed. However, is it the most often read? The Bible is the living Word of God, but only if it is opened and read. May we all encourage one another to do more than simply own a copy, but actually open it, read it and meditate on it so we can live it out in our lives. Blessings!


    • You are correct Shelly.

      If people only knew the power, wisdom and hope the Bible brings, and not as the boring thing most people conceive it to be, then it would be a whole different ball game altogether.

      Thank you for your comment. All the best! 🙂


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