Content Mills and Artist’s Block: The Big Connection

When I edit the copy of writers, I am compelled not by the wrong grammar or the lack of technical know-how but the absence of passion. Real, personal  writing cannot be faked. This lack of passion can stem from two things: laziness, or like how I once was, a content mill.

Just to give you a background, content mills are online businesses that can be as blatant as producing textual content for thesis papers, articles, blogging and yes, even website content.

Businesses are businesses, let’s leave it at that. They need content to fill their pages either with seo dense copy, marketing fluff or simply creative how-to’s. That’s all fine of course, we all need to make living.

But from an artist’s perspective, if you don’t like what you’re doing and it feels like a chore, your attitude will come out of the pages you produce.

Believe me, the  job (lucrative as it is) will rob the creativity out of you. It will drain you dry. Then before you know it, you have artist’s block.

You will curse the day you first held a pen. The mere thought of your gifts and skills will embarrass you.

After a day’s work of writing of what seems to be your hundredth page, you will realize that you will literally feel like a prostitute: used up and withered dry without even getting a speck of pleasure from the act itself.

There are a lot of businesses that cater to the ‘content mill’ industry, and mind you, it’s a booming one. With online businesses spreading like wildfire, content is no longer king but a god in search engines.

People devour content by the second and in large quantities: to help them shop, search, fix, learn…name it. The hunger for content will go on for years and years to come; and writers like you and me are required to produce them by the bulk!

Yet, if you look at the bigger picture, the price you have to pay will be high. Writing will feel like work. You will loose the desire to write, then your gift, once you thought could never leave you, will.

As an editor, I read these mass produced copies all the time and over the years, have developed a knack for it. A creator must first enjoy (or find the joy in) creating to produce phenomenal work.

As a writer, you are responsible for bringing back the fire in your writing. We all have to live with this type of industry, but you must motivate yourself to produce. That’s what you’re born to do: To create. Imagine a world without producing titans such as us? 😉

We are all born with an innate sense of creativity, as we are also created beings ourselves. It’s just a matter of finding the inspiration to jolt you back to wakefulness from your creative slumber. And the most important thing is don’t stop. Ever.

Get your thoughts together, let it flow, then compartmentalize. If you need someone to edit your work or give you a professional hand in crafting your copy, you know where to find me.

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