To be Creative and Analytical: It Can Be Done

As a writer, I am imaginative, dynamic and adventurous.

As an editor, I am objective, analytical and uncompromising.

Can both the right brain and left brain co-exist? Yes, I am the living proof.

I am using the concept of writing and editing as the peg for being creative and analytical all at the same time. But if you want more concrete examples, I can always put my much applied financial and investing know-how into the equation but that is not my point.

My point is: Some people just simply refuse to use the other half of their brains. Most use the scientific ‘left-brain’, ‘right-brain’ nonsense as an excuse for not doing what they need to do.

“I can’t plan an itinerary, I am not organized enough”
“I can’t write, my grammar and spelling is off”
“I can’t budget; I’m too much of an impulsive shopper”

Don’t you get tired of telling yourself these things? Stop using your excuses as a crutch.

Of course you can write/paint/sing/dance/etc.!
Of course you can invest/plan/forecast/budget/etc.!

You can!

The only person limiting yourself is you.

Scatter-brained? Get a planner.
Can’t spell? Look it up in the dictionary.
Emotional shopper? Put it on a wish list.

Utilizing both spheres of your brain will bring out the best in your work and eventually, the quality of your life.

Use both extensively.

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