Playing It Safe

Why are people constantly playing it safe when it comes to vocalizing their spirituality?

Some give excuses like ‘a man’s faith is his own’ or ‘never discuss politics, money or religion’, etc.

Please stop covering for yourself. He can see right through those hearts.

Don’t you know that simply avoiding the opportunity to talk about Him and the Gospel translates to you actually denying Him?

Can you please answer me another thing:

Why is it that people are so opinionated in law, feminism, human rights, etc. but cannot be more vocal on their religious stand?

Most are learned individuals of the letter, sciences and numbers, but when it comes to talking about Jesus Christ, they avoid Him like the plague?

Why do we constantly compromise to the moral standards of the world?  Why?

In this life, there maybe a price for vocalizing our spiritual beliefs but to compromise them will cost us more.

“But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.”

Matthew 10:33

The Gospel is beautiful, has a lot of inspiring stories to tell and sends a distinct message. It gives hope and encouragement to those who read it.

What’s so bad about that?


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