Speaking From The Heart

I am naturally curious about everything, especially people.

When I meet someone for the first time and they strike me as attractive in some way (laid-back, intelligent, funny, pretty, interesting, quiet, humble, etc.) I really have no qualms in talking to them. Partly, also because my curiosity gets the better of me!

In my recent post, I mentioned of being attracted to people who exude lightness, and an easy to talk to demeanor —- As I, likewise, would like to think of myself as easy to approach and talk to as well.

Plus, the fact that I always approach people with a clear slate, (meaning I clear my mind of prejudice, stereotype and judgment) which really helps especially if the person seems unsure, intimidated, or shy.

Upon introductions, I always give each person the benefit of the doubt.

Conversation-wise, I always speak from the heart which is why when I get to talk to people for the first time, if the person is unable to make eye contact or has a self-centered attitude it will show in the interaction we have.

They will not waste their time getting to know me, which of course, will translate to a one-sided conversation.

The approach of speaking from the heart has helped me out a lot. It has cleared the weeds from the ‘garden’ and I only get to nourish and be nourished by people who are positive and worth my time.

This is by no means a strategy but a way of simplicity. Be honest, unapologetic and humble. In other words, be you!

As a result, I have met and became friends with some of the best people a girl could ever surround herself with. These individuals, though some I seldom see anymore, still inspire me and I am glad I made the first move.

Don’t you think it’s your time to make the first move?

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