Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

My sweet tooth can vary from eating peanut butter straight from the jar to adding sugar to my Adobo.

But let me introduce to you an equally sinful treat: cupcakes.

Back when me and my friends were planning a bridal shower for a dear friend, I was tasked to be in-charge of the giveaways. I was thinking between notebooks and goodie bags. But knowing my friends, and their love for food, I thought of ordering personalized cupcakes instead.

The event being a spa party, it was a no-brainer that the food should be easy to handle. Everything should be pretty, feminine and of course, delicious.

As I was searching the internet, I chanced upon Sophie’s Mom. I have heard a lot about them but never got the chance to taste their pastries. So, I figured, why not give them a try.

As I looked for their shopping cart I was pretty bummed that they didn’t deliver. So, I emailed them my instructions instead.

Days after my order, when I finally dropped by their kiosk at SM Megamall, my cupcakes were not yet ready 😦

The lady told me that the toppers should be placed last because it might melt. I asked her to show me the toppers, and though they were pretty, I wasn’t that impressed.

Slightly annoyed, I waited and looked around their products on display. I asked them what their best seller was; the lady told me red velvet cupcakes were a usual favorite. So, I ordered one for myself to munch my annoyance away.

Lo and behold, I was in-love.

The cream cheese frostings on the moist and fluffy cupcakes were just heaven. The saltiness and sweetness of the cake was enough to convince me. Despite the slight mishap, the product does speak for itself.

I just hope, on my next order, they already offer delivery.

The cupcakes in a spa party theme. Toppers are faces with supposedly bath towels over their heads.
In line with the spa party theme, the toppers were decorated with faces that supposedly had towels over their heads and cucumbers on their eyes.


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