Pavement Diaries

Thursday, March 14, 2013 Earlier, I was contemplating of hitting the pavement or just staying at home and just do strength training. That was earlier. Once I got worked up with my training, I figured why not push myself, so I laced up and hit the pavement. Today was a good run. All the way from the house, all around Greenbelt, Ayala and back.

Note to self: buy new shoes. Right shoe already gave way.

My pre-workout meal:
Couscous (something I got from the fridge)
Banana (Because my doctor told me to load up on potassium for my digestion)
Tea (also doctor’s orders)
Yakult (Coz its sweet, period.)

I was watching the History channel when I started to warm up. At first, my plan was just to do weights and carry on with what I was doing earlier. But I got so worked up; I knew I would never regret if I started now.

Instead of packing water, I brought with me my oolong tea which I brewed yesterday. It was chilled before I stepped out the door, so it was surprisingly refreshing!

Reasons Why I Hit the Pavement:
I am able to use my time efficiently
I am always refreshed after a good run
I feel stronger
I have a reason to get out of the house
I have a reason to give my eyes and laptop a rest
I sleep better
It makes me feel good

With endorphins soaring, I am ready to hit the shower and get back to work.

I am really looking forward to the run me and my friends are going to have next month. It’s going to be awesome! I finally have someone to run with 🙂

Running, like everything in my life, are all self motivated. I have to get off my ass and start moving. Life is just too short and I have no plans of wasting it.

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