Dirty, dynamic and delicious Novaliches

The best part of vacationing at my home in Novaliches is that there are a lot of things to do. You will never run out of things to clean, cook, and garden.

For the holy week, I volunteered to be in charge of the marketing.

Off I went to Novaliches-Bayan, a marketplace that is just brewing with activity.

The best part of going to the marketplace is that I get to haggle with the vendors. Novaliches-Bayan is not for the faint of heart. It is noisy, smelly, hot and brimming with pick-pockets and snatchers (like any typical market place).

I poke at fish, smell all sorts of meat, and weigh vegetables and fruits all the while holding my purse close to me while haggling the best price from the vendors.

In wherever place I live, may it be in Makati or Novaliches, when I do the marketing I always buy in bulk. I just hate having to go back and forth to the store just for a few ingredients, don’t you?

In my home in Makati, everything is just one convenient hop to the grocery store. But with Novaliches-Bayan, you have no choice but to travel and actually get your hands dirty (and believe me, that’s the fun part!).

Personally, the best part is that I get everything fresh and on the cheap.

The standard of living at Novaliches is low compared to my life in Makati.

I love both cities. They each bring something different to the table. They give me the best of both worlds.

Oh yeah, and about my little trip to the market? I bought seafood, lots of vegetables and milk and taught our house help how to prepare the dish I envisioned while on a jeepney ride.

Lunch is served.

Seafood in warm milk and vegetables
Seafood in warm milk and vegetables


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