Strength in Weakness

The past few weeks have been a constant struggle for me.

My faith is continuously put to the test. My endurance and tenacity are both wearing thin. I have been loosing sleep and though I would want to keep a positive outlook on things, at times, I can’t help but ask why me?

I am trying the best I can. My heart is filled with anger, so much anger right now. I feel it consuming me again.

I am just glad that I am surrounded by my accountability partners to keep me guided, focused and directed. Their patience and love for me, I don’t know where they get it but I am thankful for them. They help keep my path straight.

It’s funny how things work out. When things get rough, there will always be someone either calling me, taking me out to dinner, letting me spend the night or have someone deliver a special package to my building (you all know who you are). They just pop out of the blue. It’s like they know for some reason, it’s incredible. I don’t know, probably God is there to tell me to hang on a bit, and I do.

In your weakest, that’s when He’s doing His greatest work.

I pray that He give me the strength and courage to soldier on. Help me run the race, Lord. I need you now more than ever.

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