If Only To Be Still

I was talking to a good friend earlier today and I mentioned that I have a boredom issue.

I easily get bored.

I easily get bored with things I routinely do, bored with the same conversations, bored of the same people (and I don’t mean this to be dismissive or unloving of my friends/family, it’s just that my attention span wanes after a few hours).

(Probably this is also why I love reading so much. It makes me just sit down and focus on one thing.)

My friend says it can be a complex.

Years back, another friend recommended we go to the spa to relax, and my response was “but there’s nothing to do there…” (Of course, that is the whole point of getting a massage in the first place, but in my mind, I knew I would get bored just laying there). I still get massages from time to time, but I cannot sleep there. Some of my friends can relax and sleep, but with me, I try to relax, I try to get some shut eye. It just never happens!

I cannot sit still in one place unless I am really engrossed (stimulated) in what I am doing.

My solution? I look towards other things, places and people for stimulation.

I search. I ask. I meet. I go. I try.

I like to listen and talk to intelligent people (or at least people who I think who are more intelligent than me). Which probably explains why I tend to gravitate towards older individuals, because I know I can learn a thing or two from them and because of this, some friends laugh at me because I have eclectic and curious looking people surrounding me when I go to church or they catch me roaming around Makati with a new person.

I don’t mind hanging out with people years older than me or who have a different background than I have. Each person in my social circle brings something new to the table (or in this case, the table of my insatiable mind) and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

My restlessness could probably be also one of the reasons why I like to garden. I crave something tactile.

Gardening keeps my hands busy. I feel like I am creating something, or bringing something to life when my hands touch it. But after that, when gardening has lost its allure, I move on.

I cook, write, read, or maybe go for a run, if feel like it.

Bottom-line, I can’t sit still and it’s seriously becoming an annoyance.  I am annoyed with my own restlessness. Imagine that!

Despite my restlessness, I make it a point to focus my energies on productive endeavors. I make the most of the time given to me. Time is the only resource I can’t take back, and I make sure I make every second count.

Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. – Ephesians 5:16

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