Building My Empire

Have you realized your maximum earning potential? I thought I did.

But it turns out, with God‘s grace, I can do so much better.

My journey has been really awesome and I am still overflowing with excitement about the years to come.

I can’t take all the credit. There are some unsung heroes in my book: Former colleagues who became my friends, friends who became business partners, people I meet along the way and ofcourse, the Lord.

It’s amazing when you’re really honest with someone. Things just fall together. You both click in terms of goals in life, what you want to achieve and what you can become. Eventually, you’re throwing ideas back and forth and realize there is so much to do, so many mountains to conquer and so much potential in this life.

There came a point in my life where I questioned purpose. What is my purpose here on this planet?

Back in the day, I tied my self-worth to company titles and the amount of money I was making. Boy was I a very silly girl.

In this world, money and titles are the tools that measure one’s intelligence (power), self worth (honor) and the number of people who work under you (influence).

I knew I was an intelligent girl, but was it really that necessary to show to the world that I was? Why did I have to measure to society’s standards of my self-worth? There must be more than this.

This lady that I used to work for was so bitter in her job because management treated her so bad. She wanted to get out but couldn’t because that would mean loosing her prestigious corporate title and compensation. She could not fathom the fact that she would just have to resort to being another manager in another company, when in the present company she was in; she got a little bit of “respect”.

You get boxed in. Your choices become limited because you’re too scared of what society will think of you. This is a tragedy in itself.

I don’t want to be that scared in my life. I don’t want to waste all my good years for something as fleeting as corporate titles and money. I refuse to be cornered like a whimpering dog.

The pressure to keep up will consume you.

Did you know that the country with the highest suicide rate is Japan? The reason for suicide: Unemployment.


No way. Not me. I refuse. I will not be cornered.

Going on my own has given me so much freedom I didn’t know existed. I became my own person. I provide a service and get paid for it but this time without the bureaucracy and boot licking.

I didn’t have to live up to anybody’s standards except my own and those are: quality of services rendered and professionalism.

Have you watched the TV series Innovators: The Men Who Built America? I get so inspired by these visionaries. They move the world through their courage to defy the odds.

I know I have a long, long way to go in my journey but I am extremely optimistic about the possibilities.

The president of a foreign-owned company who has become a good friend of mine once told me:

Paula, you will fail. Not only once or twice, but many times and this will happen sooner or later. My advice: keep going…

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. – John 16:33 

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