To Progress or Regress: The Choice is Yours

Some people may say I am alpha female. Probably I am, in some aspects.

I think I am alpha female when it comes to work. I like to keep busy. I like to earn my own keep. I am focused and want what’s best from this life. I don’t sit idly by letting money fall on my hands. I am not wired to sleep all day, asking for dole outs from my parents or family members. That is not me. I have too much energy to focus on watching TV or playing video games all day long. I don’t let things happen to me. I make things happen!

And honestly, I just don’t understand people who do the opposite.

In this life, its either you progress or regress. And this has got absolutely nothing to do with being Alpha. As human beings, we are intrinsically wired for progress.

I am nearing my 30’s and so far, I am looking at what I’ve personally achieved so far. I’ve noticed that some people have no sense of urgency. They think money grows on trees and that family will always be there to support them. Newsflash: No they won’t!

What is happening to this generation? Are we that spoiled rotten? Why is there a sense of entitlement? Isn’t this supposed to be the healthiest and smartest generation? Then why all the professional couch surfing? Able-bodied, intelligent but lacking in work? Listen, talent is over rated. We need results. Where are you now in your life? What have you contributed to this world?

I have also heard the “This is my life. I will do whatever I want with it” excuse a dozen times. Fact: Relationships are interconnected. If you think that what you do (or don’t do) has any effect, it does. Sooner or later, your laziness/self-entitlement behaviour/pride/etc. will catch up and your family will bear the brunt of your life’s choices.

It pains me to see so much human potential go to waste. It’s like watching someone die slowly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brilliant artist, designer, programmer, etc. My question is: Are you putting your skills to good use? Will you leave this world (or your family) any better after your gone? Think about that for a second.

I greatly admire people,even those who didn’t finish school, that are trying their best to make a decent living. That’s the kind of crowd I want to associate with. They want to succeed. They want progress. They want out.

I just hope I am reaching the people who want the same things in this life: love, financial freedom and independence.

The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor. – Proverbs 12:24


  1. Agree completely and your thoughts detail one of the core problems in the Philippines, besides the corruption on the political level that is so besetting the country’s energies right now. It is also one reason why the money sent back by OFWs gets wasted on consumption rather then their relatives using it for a productive investment. Isn’t there a limit to the number of sari-sari stores that are needed in a small poor community? Yet many set these up but it only provides a place for people to sit rather than a real business being established. Henry Sy for sure did not wait for things to happen, he made them happen from his poor background.
    More power to you and those who think like you…but particularly, more power to those who are using their talents to the best of their ability…
    Chris Prior (we are contacts in InterNations)


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