How Pilates Improves Posture

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to try out Pilates. I always thought I had good posture. I did ballet eons ago and thought, pilates would be a walk in the park. Later did I know that my posture was all wrong. I demonstrated to a friend my natural walking and sitting  posture — chin up, chest out, straight back. And after trying out pilates, I guess I know see myself as that similar to a hen with its tush being left behind.

At a pilates studio in Makati, I got first hand information from Vivian Zapanta herself what good posture is all about. It’s embarrassing to note as well, she seemed much stronger and fitter than yours truly. I felt like a bag of flab standing next to her.

Pilates 101. Vivian teaches me the importance of a strong core.
Pilates 101. Vivian teaches me the importance of a strong core. As you can see, I am trying to muzzle my nervousness through giggling. I haven’t had a workout in a long, long time and I am in danger of being found out. Ssshhh…


Vivian explains the connection of having a strong core to arm strength.
Vivian explains the connection of having a strong core to arm strength.


“A stronger and firmer core means stronger arms and legs.”

Vivian Zapanta, Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio


Guess, I’ll have to say au revoir to my wine, cheese and chocolate parties. It’s truly a sad day for Paula-Land ;-(


The Benefits of Pilates

Alleviates pain and tension
Balances muscular strength with joint flexibility
Builds core abdominal and back strength
Can be customized for everyone from post-rehab patients to elite athletes
Complements other methods of exercise
Develops strength, flexibility & endurance
Enhances functional fitness and ease of movement
Flattens abdominals and restores natural posture
Great for special population (senior citizens, pregnant women, post-rehab patients, etc.)
Great stress relieving exercise
Heightens body awareness
Helps prevent injury
Improves athletic performance (golf, tennis, badminton, skiing, skating, ballet, ballroom dancing, etc.)
Improves balance, coordination and circulation
Isolates, activates and conditions deep muscles
No-impact and easy on the joints
Normalizes blood pressure
Tones & elongates muscles without adding bulk

Do you want to know more about the history of Pilates and its inventor, Joseph? Make sure to click on
A Brief History of Pilates

Special thanks to Vivian Zapanta & Anna Lu for hosting this event. You put women half your age to shame! 😉



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