World Blood Donor Day: Safe Blood for Saving Mothers

Blood transfusion is a life-saving measure, and millions of lives around the world have been saved each year because of access to safe blood transfusion. In many developing countries however, people still die due to inadequate supply of safe blood and blood products.

This has particular impact on women as a consequence of pregnancy-related complications like hemorrhage viz-a-viz the scarce supply of safe blood. To complicate the issue, the testing process may either be non-existent or sporadic and the storage method inadequate. The result is a national blood supply that contributes to the alarming rise in disease related to blood transfusion.

Every day, an estimated 800 women die from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications. Severe bleeding during delivery and after childbirth is a major cause of mortality. That’s why the focus of this year’s World Blood Donor Day is; “ Give blood for those who give life “. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness why timely access to safe blood and blood products is essential for all countries to prevent maternal deaths. was privileged to be part of this campaign.

Hosted by Philippine Blood Disease and Transfusion Center, in partnership with Unilab, PTV4, Kredin Events Engineer, WCU, Terumo, BMAY and Air Gurus this event is also in partnership with Pasig Catholic College Alumni Association (HS Batch 1972).

Join us as we appreciate why each and everyone of us should be part of this advocacy:

This year’s World Blood Donor Day Campaign,held at Fisher Mall, Quezon City, was hosted by Miss World 2013 2nd Princess, Zahra Bianca Saldua.

One of the strong advocates of this momentous event was Col. Joel Torregoza. At the age of 66, the Col. has already donated 185 times. He started donating blood at the age of 19. Col. Torregoza’s passion for this advocacy was all thanks to an encounter with a 7 year old boy who happened to have hemophilia. Col. Torregoza was so moved by the boy that he committed himself to donating blood regularly. It also ignited a hidden passion for writing. Here, the Col. shares with readers a piece of one of his many works:

I could feel numbness, my hands, my feet are weak.
My arms are feeble, my back pains, my body trembling and aches;
My perspiration is cold; there is shortness in my breath,
I am a bit nervous for I can sense death lurking in my bed.

Now I surrender to God and accept whatever He dictates,
Whom I pity are my parents who don’t want to see me dead;
It’s them who inspired me to struggle day-by-day to live,
I can do no less but wholeheartedly accept whatever is my fate!
I wish I could live for another day.
Stroll the beach, breathe some fresh air, and sip a cup of tea;
I just wish to console my parents for thinking so much of me,
I gladly accept whatever comes to me, for God is my destiny.

Several times in my life I experienced smaller deaths,
Many instances the shadow of death haunts me in my sleep;
I thank God, there are still people, who would give blood for free,
Dugong Pinoy and Blood Galloners whom I owe every bit in me!

I wish I could live for another day.
A day which is much longer than months of April and May,
Every second that passed is counted, leaving no void to see,
Refuse to close my eyes, afraid that life will fade away.

“I wish I could live another day” – Col. Torregoza

He also stated that donating blood is a heart issue: All we need is to have love for others. Being a blood donor is such a noble thing to do. The donor does not know to whom his/her blood will be given and the donee does not know where the blood came from.

World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) Poster
World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) : Give Blood for those who give life campaign poster.
Beauty-Queen Approved. Miss World 2013 2nd Princess and head organizer, Bianca Saldua gives her "thumbs-up" to donating blood and giving life at World Blood Donor Day.
Beauty-Queen Approved. Miss World 2013 2nd Princess and head organizer, Bianca Saldua gives her “thumbs-up” to donating blood and giving life at World Blood Donor Day.
WWBD Guest Speakers Group Photo
(L-R) Miss World Philippines 2013 2nd Princess and Head Organizer, Bianca Saldua together with Ramonito Martin, Dra. Ma. Victoria Abesamis, Col. Joel Terragoza, Moleen Ailenette Del Rosario, Marissa Del Mar, Marianito Dabalos, Rodel Martinez, Dr. Melvin Jude Katapang, and Ob Del Rosario.
WWBD Campaign Poster
Col. Teragoza at the WBDD Campaign Poster
Introducing Blood Donor Advocate, Col. Joel Terragoza
A photo cadets signing their application for blood donation
Cadets registering for the blood donation drive at Fishermall
A top view of the preparation for World Blood Donor Day
A glimpse of the blood donation drive at Fishermall.
WBDD Blood Donor's Registration Booth
WBDD Blood Donor’s Registration Booth
World Blood Donor Day's ongoing blood donation
World Blood Donor Day’s ongoing blood donation

The Eight H’s of Blood Donation

Blood donation extends Help
Blood donation promotes Health
Blood donation facilitates Healing
Blood donation shares Happiness
Blood donation inculcates Humility
Blood donation builds Hope
Blood donation perpetuates Harmony
Blood donation preserves Humanity

WHO encourages all countries and national and international partners working on blood transfusion and maternal health to develop an activity plan to highlight the need for timely access to safe blood and blood products in the prevention of maternal deaths. In line with this, the Department of Health (DOH) is encouraging the public to voluntarily donate blood to improve the quality and boost the supply of blood and blood products for emergencies through the Philippine Blood Disease and Transfusion Center. Its vision? Safe blood for all.

To the organizers particularly Bianca, Louie and Gian thank you for having become part of this event.

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