First Luxury Hostel Opens in Makati City

Distinct kind of luxury is not about meaningless excess and wasteful extravagance. For those who travel, luxury is about experiences being shared together. Emotions you feel when you interact with other groups of travellers who have a hunger to explore and experience the world around them.

The Hostel is Becoming The “Accomodation of Choice” for Travellers. Reasons of which are:

  • Rates. Hostels are cheaper compared to Hotels and BnBs. That is enough incentive to splurge more on your excursions and outdoor adventures.
  • Sense of community. The attraction of getting to know a diverse group of travelers from all walks of life, not to mention the appeal of being in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Independence. Book on the fly and experience the magnetism of Hostel flexibility.
  • There is a relaxed and laid-back vibe perfect for backpackers.
  • Location is also an advantage. Hostels are close to main neighborhoods, and other access points of interest.

When it comes to the frequent traveler: simplicity, a sense of calm, comfort and security is, in every sense, vital to their accommodation of choice. Hostel Luxury for the Smart Traveller: This is what Z Hostel, the ONLY luxury Hostel located in the heart of Makati City (5660 Don Pedro street corner Kalayaan Avenue) provides.

With a strategic location close to familiar hang-out joints such as Howzat Bar, Mary Grace and Rockwell, Z Hostel came to fruition thanks to like-minded (and frequent travelers themselves) Roms, Will and Kaw.

A reference to the act of sleeping, Z(zzz) provides not only a roof over the heads of its guests but a sense of community and ease of a Hostel with the hint of Hotel luxury.

Z Hostel boasts of functional amenities like:

  • A Mini-theater (play, watch, hang-out…get the picture? Pun intended)
  • Roof Deck (want to do a BBQ party or watch a movie with friends big-screen style? Join the fun and don’t forget to bring the popcorn!)
  • Key card access for all rooms
  • FREE wi-fi
  • 24-Hour Security and CCTV
  • A reading lounge
  • Bar/Cafe (soon to open)
LED lights (this Hostel goes green!)









Personal lockers that can perfectly fit luggage









Individual lockers that can fit luggage with electric outlets (lights turn on automatically once lockers are opened)














Inverted ACs (brand new units that are super quiet and brrrr cold in all rooms!)
USB type of plugs (particularly useful for those who use USB type of chargers)
Reading light and electrical outlet in each bunk bed















A boudoir with interchangeable lighting (as recommended by a professional make-up artist) for selected rooms















A small kitchen can be found in selected rooms















Dorm-type rooms with a choice of 4/6/8 double-deck beds (feels like college all over again! Z Hostel also provides a private room for two)









Hot and cold showers are available in all rooms













Z Hostel is the 1st Luxury Hostel for the Smart Traveler and the biggest in the Philippines with 30 rooms and 124 beds! Business is OFFICIALLY OPEN at Z(zzz).

For reservations, visit their website, email them at zhostelph at gmail dot com or look for Aleckz at +63 2 8560851 / 0915 463 13 91. They are on Facebook [], Twitter [@zhostelph] and Instagram [].

Happy travellin’ and minglin’ folks!

Hostel guests partying at the Z roof deck right smack on a Sunday night. Image © Neal Lim
Hostel guests partying at the Z roof deck right smack on a Sunday night. Image © Neal Lim

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