Think of Greater Things – Rizal

“You must learn the science of life, a thing which your fatherland cannot teach you, so that someday you maybe useful to it.

If you remain here in my shadow, in this environment of business affairs, you will not learn to look far ahead.

You must think of other and greater things, the future lies open before you, while for me it is already passing behind;

Your love is just awakening, while mine is dying. Fire burns in your blood, while the chill is creeping into mine.

Yet you weep and cannot sacrifice the present for the future, useful as it maybe alike to yourself and to your country.”

Don Rafael Ibarra tells his son, Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra, before he sends him abroad to pursue studies.

[From the novel Noli Me Tangere by Philippine National Hero and freedom fighter, José Rizal]


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