Top Three Reasons Why Being Lazy on a Monday is Good For You

Guess what I did today?

Absolutely nothing! **evil laugh** (for those who worked like drones this Monday, I am your office deadbeat and will take this moment to savor the immense pleasure of rubbing it in my reader’s lovely faces.)

I was so lazy this Monday I rolled in bed till 8AM, read my newspaper, did my morning workout and made my carb-filled breakfast. After which, I took a shower, rolled in bed some more, read my book and took a nap. All of these before 3PM.

Come 4PM, I check my email. Scanned through the work stuff and proceeded to the best restaurant this side of Makati (aka McDonald’s) to get another carb fix. Saw my accountant on the way downstairs and she tells me I need to file my income tax return ASAP. I tell her “Nice shirt. TTYL”. **smiley**

When I get to Mcdo, I imagined I was in a conference meeting brain storming (with myself as its panel and moderator ofcourse) and managed to write down some subjects for my never ending, always evolving, editorial calendar. Once done, I proceeded to a nearby bookstore for more pointless office supply wandering.

Come 7PM, as I get home, I try to resuscitate my perishing plants by giving them a bath. Then I open my laptop to answer some emails while the mom comes home, beaming with pride to see that her only daughter works so diligently in her business. With twinkling eyes, I smile the sweetest daughter smile, “Welcome home mom! Tough day today noh?”

No mention of work. Nothing. Nada. Happy Koala!

Top Three Reasons Why Being Lazy on a Monday is Good For You:

  1. Everyone’s busy. You’re taking it easy. – Why not? Weekends with the family can get draining, too even for a family-oriented Koala.
  2. Everyone’s forced to focus. You get to choose what subjects you like to work on – I get to savor the newspaper more, and really focus on the books and subjects that I like. Surprisingly, I also get to create more zany characters and dialogue in my head and translate all of that into writing.
  3. Everyone has to be a grown up come Monday. On Monday, you can be a kid all over again – Having a 12 year old disposition in a 30 year old body needs play to be productive.

How was your Monday today? 😉


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