Modernization of Immigration Services to Boost PH Tourism

A Filipino child joining the Ati-Atihan festival celebrated only in the Philippines.
A Filipino child joining the Ati-Atihan festival, just one of the many festivals celebrated in the Philippines.

The JFC (Joint Foreign Chamber of the Philippines) supports government efforts to modernize immigration services through the proposed Philippine Immigration Act and other ongoing reforms. The objective of the bill is to make immigration services more enabling to promote tourism and commerce. The JFC believes that these efforts will help make the Philippine tourism stay long and retirement industries more competitive with the rest of its ASEAN neighbors while helping the country grow twice as fast.

As international traffic continues to grow, especially with implementation of the liberal air access policy, any shortage of personnel relative to the growth of passenger traffic should be addressed with an increase in the workforce at the expense of the national government.

Download the official press release of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce here: JFC_Statement_ProposedImmigrationAct

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