Blondie in Blue : A Visual Diary

Conceptualization – After two cups of coffee and an email that changed my life, Blondie was born.

Initial Sketch – Here, I draft the first few lines. Once you get a glimpse of what your piece will look like, you don’t want to get any further. The sketch should speak for itself, however, once you start, there’s this need to keep touching it.

Color choice – Candy in a bowl. Color is what adds life to any picture. Depending on the choice, the color you choose will evoke an emotion within. It can’t be helped.

Tools used – my brushes have taken a beating for quite sometime now. I will always have my favorite brushes, but playing favorites won’t get you the right texture or stroke you want to get out of your piece. I will soon be upgrading. Better tools, means better pictures.

Actual painting – From the first stroke to the minute details that you can’t get around fixing, the painting process is both a meditative experience as it is a frustrating one.

Practicing restraint, patience and letting go of perfection – I learn a different lesson with each piece I do. For Blondie, I had to let go of my need to control. My attempts at perfection have gone in vain. Perfection will never happen. As much as I am inspired by other artists, I cannot truly replicate their work. Each artist has a voice, stamp, and mark truly their own. And this goes for the work I do.

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