Contributor Editorial Guidelines

Welcome dear contributor!

We are always excited to work with talented men and women who have know-how and fresh ideas in their respective fields of expertise.

But for a partnership to work smoothly, let us first establish some ground rules, in this case: Editorial Guidelines. Kindly read the following guidelines before you sign-up:

All content should be ORIGINAL and plagiarism-FREE

Content should be fun, engaging and full of information. It should inspire growth and excellence. Adding personal anecdotes  is a plus!

Unless specified, content should NOT EXCEED 300 words.

No shameless plugging/advertising.

Aside from the above guidelines, all content is meticulously reviewed by our editors.

If need be, they will be emailing you directly for you to make the necessary revisions, especially matters related to textual content.

The less revisions the better because this means your work will be published faster.

…and that’s it! You can start right now!

Send us your application here.

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