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A Dermatologist Shares Her Skin Secrets

Topical creams and anti-aging regimens can only do so much. If you want to take care of your skin, you should also watch your diet. Remember: garbage in, garbage out. The condition of your skin can be a reflection of what you eat.”

– Dr. Mylah Joven, Dermatologist

A firm believer of the anti-inflammatory diet, Dr. Mylah Joven, a dermatologist at the Makati Medical Center, says that inflammation is the one of the major causes of skin aging. Sunlight is made up of ultraviolet (UV) rays. When you are not protected by sunscreen, especially if you’re out in the sun from 10AM to 4PM, UV rays can cause visible inflammation (sunburn) as well as inflammation on a cellular level. This leads to wrinkles, pigmentation problems (freckles, melasma), uneven complexion, and dull, blotchy skin…



From the right creams to use, the huge debate on chocolate to the benefits of getting a monthly diamond peel, dermatologist Dr. Mylah Joven dishes out on her skin care secrets Jane’s like you and me can benefit from.

My interview on this spunky doctor comes out on Health.Care Magazine’s June 2014 issue. Available soon on all National Bookstores nationwide!



Dr. Mylah Joven shares her dermatologist approved skin care secrets with Miss Tolentino. The Health.Care Magazine article comes out this June. Stay tuned!
Dr. Mylah Joven shares her dermatologist approved skin care secrets with Miss Tolentino. The Health.Care Magazine article comes out this June. Stay tuned!


Pavement Diaries

Thursday, March 14, 2013 Earlier, I was contemplating of hitting the pavement or just staying at home and just do strength training. That was earlier. Once I got worked up with my training, I figured why not push myself, so I laced up and hit the pavement. Today was a good run. All the way from the house, all around Greenbelt, Ayala and back.

Note to self: buy new shoes. Right shoe already gave way.

My pre-workout meal:
Couscous (something I got from the fridge)
Banana (Because my doctor told me to load up on potassium for my digestion)
Tea (also doctor’s orders)
Yakult (Coz its sweet, period.)

I was watching the History channel when I started to warm up. At first, my plan was just to do weights and carry on with what I was doing earlier. But I got so worked up; I knew I would never regret if I started now.

Instead of packing water, I brought with me my oolong tea which I brewed yesterday. It was chilled before I stepped out the door, so it was surprisingly refreshing!

Reasons Why I Hit the Pavement:
I am able to use my time efficiently
I am always refreshed after a good run
I feel stronger
I have a reason to get out of the house
I have a reason to give my eyes and laptop a rest
I sleep better
It makes me feel good

With endorphins soaring, I am ready to hit the shower and get back to work.

I am really looking forward to the run me and my friends are going to have next month. It’s going to be awesome! I finally have someone to run with 🙂

Running, like everything in my life, are all self motivated. I have to get off my ass and start moving. Life is just too short and I have no plans of wasting it.

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A Detox Regimen for the Adventurous Tummy

Since last Saturday night up to this today, my tummy has not been cooperating.

There are two reasons why I could be having tummy troubles:
1. Heat (I am thinking my body could still be adjusting to the summer season.)
2. Liquor (2 drinks, that was it!)

Or, it could be both?

My stomach pains happen on intervals regardless if am just relaxing at home cool and comfy or out, running errands. So, that definitely scratches out the heat factor.

I already consulted a doctor about my problem and officially put me on a cleansing / detox regimen. The doctor told me this could either be any of the following:

  1. A digestion problem
  2. Acidity
  3. Plain old LBM

Gross I know, but what can I do? 😦 I feel weak and I have very little appetite for food these past couple of days.

My cleansing regimen goes something like this:

  • I cannot have anything that has dairy or anything that’s sweet, so goodbye to chocolates, nutella, peanut butter, ice cream and the likes. (devastating news, indeed.)
  • I am advised to eat bananas, drink lots of water, apple juice and green tea. (Well, why don’t I just apply at a pro-ana website while were at it!)
  • I cannot have anything that’s hot and spicy, which means laying off onions, garlic, jalapenos, kimchi, chili, wasabi, etc. (So now, I have to stick to tasteless blahs?! And what about my flourishing cooking career?)

And lastly, the ultimate bummer: I am told to stop my food adventures. (Noooooo!…)

Being sick is no fun at all! 😦

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