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Full Circle

Dagger looks, pride that ravages your soul – Love, you’re stuck I can see. You’ve got much to learn. Discipline will be hard. Tough love will come full circle for you, and when that day comes, remember it is love that clings me to you. Continue reading

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Crowns and Cows

Notice that there are more and more women who find holding the “Busy badge” as some sort of trophy, or in this case, validation for saying: “I’m such a busy wife/mother/professional/business owner/etc… all of this, is all me. Finally, I am worth while.”

Busy doesn’t necessarily equate to productive nor significant. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage in Ireland Opens More Questions Than Answers

In a separate statement, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, personally voted “No” arguing that gay rights should be respected “without changing the definition of marriage”. In one opposition commercial, it said “You should be able to have reservations about gay marriage without being called a homophobe”.

There were 734,300 who voted NO to Gay Marriage. Continue reading

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The Rise of the Filipino Baby Mama: Acceptable or Inevitable?

In the Philippines, it seems that finding a child with two married parents is the exception instead of the rule. Find a Filipino guy that does not think its OK to bed any girl he can. It is this same macho attitude that permeates most developing countries. Given the lack of education, guidance, leadership, apathy and female empowerment, Filipino women are always on the losing end. Unwed mothers, has it become acceptable? No I don’t think it is acceptable, but given the circumstances, I think it is inevitable. Continue reading