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Full Circle

Dagger looks, pride that ravages your soul – Love, you’re stuck I can see. You’ve got much to learn. Discipline will be hard. Tough love will come full circle for you, and when that day comes, remember it is love that clings me to you. Continue reading

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Crowns and Cows

Notice that there are more and more women who find holding the “Busy badge” as some sort of trophy, or in this case, validation for saying: “I’m such a busy wife/mother/professional/business owner/etc… all of this, is all me. Finally, I am worth while.”

Busy doesn’t necessarily equate to productive nor significant. Continue reading

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To Forgive is to Give

Loving and giving are Christmas components. Although we say that everyday should be Christmas, it is never easy to be loving and giving especially to individuals who continue to push the wrong buttons, rub us the wrong way or have a whole different value system compared to ours.

But sometimes, we fail to realize that if they are a work in progress, so are we! It is really a (physical) conscious effort on our end to embrace diversity, and be loving (and forgiving) particularly to people we don’t see eye to eye with. Continue reading

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Beautiful in His Eyes – A Happy Panda Shares Her Story

Do you still remember the entry I did on How to Heal a Broken Heart? Well, guess what? The people I dedicated that entry to are doing well and are on their way to recovery. All through His Grace. It’s amazing what happened that day. You’ll never really know how He works but He does indeed change … Continue reading