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On the Scout for Real Talent

I am indeed blessed and I am thankful for it every waking day of my life.

And what better way to share the blessing but to give opportunities to those who deserve them.

I don’t believe in hand outs or charity cases. I have always taken pride in a hard day’s work. I am also a strong believer in professional work ethics. A man who toils with his hands is worth his keep.

Which is why I am on the constant look out for real talent: talent that I can grow and nurture and eventually, when they have strengthened their hearts, and sharpened their skills I can let them go and they in return, may become a blessing to others as well.

Ladies and gentlemen: my life’s purpose slowly unfolding before my very eyes.

I like the idea that I get to work with such talented people who deserve better opportunities than being presently handed to them. Everyone deserves a break. But not everyone can maintain that good fortune. You have to constantly improve on yourself and this does not only encompass skills and technical know-how but character as well.

If I were to choose between talent and character, hands down, I will choose character.

Talent and skills, as prized as they are in the professional realm, can also be learned.

But a humble and teachable heart who can be trusted in business, no amount of money can buy those qualities.

When I work with people, I try to make it a point that high standards of professionalism are observed.

I cannot work with stubborn and unreliable individuals. In business, my word is my bond. And if I cannot trust your word to deliver, what other assurances do I have?

My day to day goals are simple: Get exemplary work done, have a good stream of income coming in and relishing a peaceful night’s sleep. Too simple? But that is what life is all about.

It’s the unnecessary attitudes/mentalities that make life complicated.

Which is why, I absolutely cannot work with unprofessionals. My life is wasted on them. (Note that I used life instead of time. Reason? Time IS LIFE.)

I’d rather focus on the positive side of things and work with people who have their priorities in check, grounded on their goals, a team player and most importantly, are reliable.

I have been called a drill sergeant by some people because of being demanding at work, schedules, timeliness, deliverables, etc. but please understand my reputation is on the line. A good and reliable name is worth more than all the degrees in this world.

Also, I never force people to work with me. I am no tyrannical person who shouts orders back and forth or throws their weight around to show who’s boss. Totally unnecessary. Only insecure unprofessionals do that.

A real professional has quiet confidence. Gets work done with minimum to no fuss and makes sure her team gets to plow and reap the harvest with her.

I owe it not only to my clients but to myself that I deliver on time, all the time.  I was put on this world to create, and to create magnificently at that.

Are we on the same page here? Are you also on the look out for truly talented men and women as well?

And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you, so that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one. – 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Professionalism From My Perspective

I got the disease called professionalism at a very early age. Unfortunately, I think, it’s hereditary.

Below are some of the symptoms, you probably have it, too:

  1. Have ammunition ready, in other words come prepared.
  2. Word of Honor: Also means having integrity by doing what you say and saying what you mean.
  3. Takes feedback, regardless of delivery, constructively.
  4. Has team spirit.
  5. Outbursts of anger is not being authoritative, it’s just being a nuisance and eventually a hindrance to productivity.
  6. Power play is unacceptable. Don’t raise your voice, improve you argument.
  7. Shows competency and know-how in their fields of expertise
  8. Strives, hones and sharpens current skill sets
  9. Tardiness is never an excuse. It translates to disrespect.
  10. The mind is set on finding solutions.
  11. The workplace is no place for moodiness and tantrums. You’re not the only one experiencing a bad day, don’t bring it to work.
  12. The workplace is not a place to be cajoled or sweet talked into rendering deliverables.

Personally, I cannot work with people who are moody at work. Who are easily rattled and stressed by demands, deadlines and work load. Attitudes and personalities such as these take a toll on productivity.

I look forward to working with individuals who are keen on improving themselves and don’t simmer in self pity and senseless gossip. But instead are self-motivated, because their example also brings fire and drive to what I do. I like to be around these kinds of individuals and, likewise, I want to attract the same kind of people with the same mindset: productivity.