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30 years and counting

When you turn 30, you’re supposed to act your age. Like what the rest of society is expected from a full grown person who’s supposed to be on their own, most likely married by now and popping babies, left and right.

But I don’t have a husband and I am carefully thinking where I can buy a customized one. Plus, I still have to decide whether I would like to go through the excruciatingly, painful process of child birth. (RANDOM THOUGHT ~ In this day and age of advanced medicine, there must be a way to keep the birth pains down a notch either by a new pill, procedure, conditioning, etc. It’s the 21st century after all, we should have something by now, right?)

Believe me, 30 years was a work in progress. I’m just relieved I even managed to get this far!?

Deep down, I have always been a kid at heart. Case in point, I came up with two very substantial examples: Adventure Time and fast food. 😉

Growing up on Disney movies, it was a no-brainer that I would love cartoons. I’ve sang with my nieces to the tune of Elsa’s Let it Go so many times already it’s sickening. Then there’s my infatuation with Wall-E, how convenient it would be to have a robot for a pet especially one who can do my house chores, and to have Alladin’s Genie as your best friend. Awesome right?

Lately, I’ve been hooked on Adventure Time. When I’m off the computer, I tune in to that show. I’m not plugging the show in any way, but don’t you just find the characters amusing? I am particularly fond of Lumpy Space Princess (LSP), who can be an annoying drama queen, is very self-centered and at times, arrogant but who you can’t help but love thanks to her saving grace of sassiness, sweetness, loyalty, intuitiveness and resourcefulness that, most often than not, gets her out of the most ridiculous situations.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out Lumpy Space Princess here –

[NOTE: Adventure Time is a PG rated cartoon. There are parts of the program that need parental supervision and guidance. Parents, you have been warned.]

And also, this comes as no surprise to most of you, I’m not much of a cook. The irony is that I come from a family that are fantastic cooks! Both my parents (and brother) cook. My grandmother on my father’s side is also a great one. She’s Visaya and all manner of home entertaining, she has down to a tee. While on my mother’s side (all Kapampangan), every single person in that family knows their way around the kitchen. During dinner, I would sometimes think, maybe the “cooking gene” skipped a generation — and guess who the lucky tadpole was?

You maybe good at the computer, but your useless in the kitchen” my mom would sigh.

But I am an appreciative audience. Really. I don’t nitpick on food. I eat whatever’s served. Yup, I’m a good tadpole in that sense. 😉

The idea of food has always had a more practical use for me: it’s only good when I’m hungry.

Don’t tell anyone this, but I can live on fast food alone. Ssssh…Although, I do have my (never ending) goals to eat healthy and live a clean lifestyle.

If it weren’t for my family’s cooking, I’d probably be skin and bones. (So a big thanks to my family for keeping me alive! Yey!)

Despite my work as a journalist for a number of publications, being a content provider and social media specialist for some respected companies while running a modest start-up on the side, I can’t help but think — How did I get so lucky?

Truth be told, I would have to give the appreciation to the individuals who’s confidence in my capabilities and skills, to those whose lives I’ve been able to observe whether in their home, at work, with family or otherwise, have all been a cumulative source of inspiration.

For sharing your life with me, for showing me how it is be kind, how it is to share, to not take oneself too seriously, to constantly place a high premium on competence and integrity while reminding me to keep both feet firmly planted on solid ground. I dedicate this post to you. Thank you.

You have been an inspiration to me and I hope I could be the same with people I come in contact with for the remainder of my days. I hope that by the time I write on my 60th birthday, on this very same website, 30 years from now, I’ll be able to look back and reminisce what a privilege my life has been.

There is this verse that is very close to my heart which I also try to live every single day “He has told you oh man what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8)

Thank you for being a part of my 30 years. Happy birthday to me.

Old Lady Signing Off,


My Transformation (err, mutation?) through the years…

Potential hell-raiser right there...
Potential hell-raiser right there…
Serious kid. Nah!
Serious kid. Nah!
I was 5 years old then.
Cheeky 5 year old.
At 5 years old.
At 5 years old.
In gradeschool, I think.
In gradeschool, I think.
My hair. Bow.
With some of my fabulous looking cousins during Anne's 18th
With some of my fabulous looking cousins during Anne’s 18th
During the 2014 Mining Conference at Sofitel. Working very hard as you can see.
During the 2014 Mining Conference at Sofitel. Working very hard as you can see.
During my trip to check out one of the mine sites in Palawan. Met with one of the tribes people.
During my trip to check out one of the mine sites in Palawan. Met with one of the tribes people.
Grabbing dinner after the 2013 Mining Philippines coverage
Grabbing dinner after the 2013 Mining Philippines coverage
During an art exhibit hosted by Dennis Smith with former first lady, Mrs. Imelda Marcos
During an art exhibit hosted by Dennis Smith with former first lady, Mrs. Imelda Marcos
My interview with Filipino artist BenCab.
My interview with Filipino artist BenCab.
My interview with Renewable Energy Director Mario Marasigan of the Department of Energy.
My interview with Renewable Energy Director Mario Marasigan of the Department of Energy.
My College Graduation.
My College Graduation.
My Official Correspondent Picture. Sheesh.

If Only To Be Still

I was talking to a good friend earlier today and I mentioned that I have a boredom issue.

I easily get bored.

I easily get bored with things I routinely do, bored with the same conversations, bored of the same people (and I don’t mean this to be dismissive or unloving of my friends/family, it’s just that my attention span wanes after a few hours).

(Probably this is also why I love reading so much. It makes me just sit down and focus on one thing.)

My friend says it can be a complex.

Years back, another friend recommended we go to the spa to relax, and my response was “but there’s nothing to do there…” (Of course, that is the whole point of getting a massage in the first place, but in my mind, I knew I would get bored just laying there). I still get massages from time to time, but I cannot sleep there. Some of my friends can relax and sleep, but with me, I try to relax, I try to get some shut eye. It just never happens!

I cannot sit still in one place unless I am really engrossed (stimulated) in what I am doing.

My solution? I look towards other things, places and people for stimulation.

I search. I ask. I meet. I go. I try.

I like to listen and talk to intelligent people (or at least people who I think who are more intelligent than me). Which probably explains why I tend to gravitate towards older individuals, because I know I can learn a thing or two from them and because of this, some friends laugh at me because I have eclectic and curious looking people surrounding me when I go to church or they catch me roaming around Makati with a new person.

I don’t mind hanging out with people years older than me or who have a different background than I have. Each person in my social circle brings something new to the table (or in this case, the table of my insatiable mind) and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

My restlessness could probably be also one of the reasons why I like to garden. I crave something tactile.

Gardening keeps my hands busy. I feel like I am creating something, or bringing something to life when my hands touch it. But after that, when gardening has lost its allure, I move on.

I cook, write, read, or maybe go for a run, if feel like it.

Bottom-line, I can’t sit still and it’s seriously becoming an annoyance.  I am annoyed with my own restlessness. Imagine that!

Despite my restlessness, I make it a point to focus my energies on productive endeavors. I make the most of the time given to me. Time is the only resource I can’t take back, and I make sure I make every second count.

Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. – Ephesians 5:16

The Cost Of Friendship: How Much Are You?

Just a little over breakfast, my dad was complaining about a friend who would not pay back money he owed him. He mentions that this person would completely disregard their friendship just for a measly few hundred pesos.

Over the years and through experience as well, I have come to the conclusion that money is the best instrument to test a person’s character, or in this case, the authenticity of a friendship. And quite surprisingly, I have met people who have failed this test time and time again.

I don’t borrow money. Not because I have an abundance of it, but because my pride gets in the way (which, I must admit, is a work in progress on my end). I cannot fathom the fact that I borrow money, even from my parents. If I have to work 2-3 jobs, then so be it. Call it whatever you want, I refuse to ask for money. But give me a job that pays, then I am up for it. Money is something I value. I value it because of what it represents: good, honest hard work. I can say, in full conviction, everything that I have bought and invested on comes from my God-given, money-making brain.

This is why it astounds me that some people can just easily ask for dole outs when they know they are fully capable of earning/making it.

I am not the one to point fingers, but I have observed that some would even use the power of your friendship for money, connections and status. This is a reality we all have to live with and I am extremely careful of.

So how do I test the authenticity of friendship? What better barometer than money.

This belief of mine is summed up well in the book of Luke: He, who is faithful in a very little thing, is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much (16 v. 10).

Scripture points out to the very quality of having Great Character: Integrity.

How much does my friendship cost? It costs nothing. The pleasure of my company (or lack of it), costs nothing. But let me tell you this, good and real friendships should not cost you a cent. In fact, friendships are one of the best pleasures in life that are free!

And if you failed the money litmus test, then you not only lost a good friend but you sold yourself as well and for what? For a measly, few hundred pesos.