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At Home With BenCab

So few people get the privilege of being welcomed in an artist’s home. Artists, with their affinity for solitude and privacy, would seldom, if not let anyone enter their sanctuary.

MissTolentino.com was given this opportunity.

Brilliance coupled with simplicity marks this man of many talents.

Discovering his artistic inclination at the tender age of 7, Benedicto Cabrera aka “BenCab” was greatly influenced by his elder brother, Salvador.

Arriving a little bit before lunch, MissTolentino.com joined this artist as he gave us a tour of his estate and the numerous masterpieces he created.

Join us as we give a glimpse of this laidback artist and Baguio City’s rock star, BenCab.

A personal sanctuary found inside the artist's home.
A personal sanctuary found inside the artist’s home.
A spectacular view of the South China Sea over at BenCab's balcony.
A spectacular view of the South China Sea over at BenCab’s balcony.
CafeSabel inside BenCab Museum
CafeSabel inside BenCab Museum
Sculpture Collections inside BenCab's Museum.
Sculpture Collections inside BenCab’s Museum.
Water Falls near CafeSabel.
I could seriously live here 😉 Water Falls near CafeSabel.
Wondering if he could do my portrait (wishful thinking)… 😉
Ms. Paula Tolentino staring at one of National Artist Ben Cab's paintings.
BenCab’s famous muse, Sabel.
BenCab likes his food fresh. The artist shares a bite from his kitchen table.
National Artist BenCab opens his home to MissTolentino.com, featuring his backyard.
A glimpse of his backyard.
Featuring BenCab's Self-Portrait.
A self-portrait of the artist.
Bulol sculptures inside BenCab Museum.
Bulol sculptures inside the Museum.
Featuring one of BenCab's Erotica Gallery Collections
The Museum’s Erotica Gallery
Potteries and Ceramics inside BenCab's Home.
A collection of ceramic dinnerware can be found in his kitchen.
A glimpse of BenCab's estate.
Now THIS is the life 😉 A sneak peak of the artist’s estate.
With The Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab)
From MissTolentino.com, thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Here with Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera.