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Summer Is Officially On: Are You Prepared?

I feel a heat stroke coming on. Bad.

My body has always been resilient to Philippine weather, especially during the summer. As a matter of fact, I would usually say to friends, I prefer the heat than the cold and rain.

Lately, I have been eating my words. I am unable to work due to this heat. I seriously cannot function.

Just today, I closed my laptop, brought down the curtains and hoped that I pass out. I kid you not!

I wanted to pass out just so I be rid of my misery. Funny huh?

Well, anyway, heat stroke is common given the present circumstances. But are we prepared for it? Mind if I check in your purse?


Essentials to beating the summer heat:

  1. An umbrella (Didn’t think I’d bring out my purple pocket umbrella but it sure has helped me a lot.)
  2. A cap/wide brimmed hat (I have this blue hat that makes me look like I’m going to war. Seriously awesome. I bought it in Corregidor a couple of months back. It has been quite useful especially when I’m covering events outdoors.)
  3. Shades (Because its the perfect time to look cool! Nah, just kidding. Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.)
  4. A bottle of water (Keep hydrated. Enough said.)
  5. Facial mist (Do you use this? A friend of mine recommended this to me. I don’t usually buy this, but considering of giving it a  go this summer.)
  6. Sunblock (Sun spots are quite apparent during the summer so apply liberally. Personally, I really don’t like sunblock because most of the products in the market feel so greasy. Do you know any good brands that are not as oily? Let me know please!)
  7. Wear light, cotton clothing.


Did I forget anything? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.

(I think ice cream sounds good right about now.)

Ways to Beat Summer Heat

Thanks to RoranStronghammer for the fantastic infographics.

A Detox Regimen for the Adventurous Tummy

Since last Saturday night up to this today, my tummy has not been cooperating.

There are two reasons why I could be having tummy troubles:
1. Heat (I am thinking my body could still be adjusting to the summer season.)
2. Liquor (2 drinks, that was it!)

Or, it could be both?

My stomach pains happen on intervals regardless if am just relaxing at home cool and comfy or out, running errands. So, that definitely scratches out the heat factor.

I already consulted a doctor about my problem and officially put me on a cleansing / detox regimen. The doctor told me this could either be any of the following:

  1. A digestion problem
  2. Acidity
  3. Plain old LBM

Gross I know, but what can I do? 😦 I feel weak and I have very little appetite for food these past couple of days.

My cleansing regimen goes something like this:

  • I cannot have anything that has dairy or anything that’s sweet, so goodbye to chocolates, nutella, peanut butter, ice cream and the likes. (devastating news, indeed.)
  • I am advised to eat bananas, drink lots of water, apple juice and green tea. (Well, why don’t I just apply at a pro-ana website while were at it!)
  • I cannot have anything that’s hot and spicy, which means laying off onions, garlic, jalapenos, kimchi, chili, wasabi, etc. (So now, I have to stick to tasteless blahs?! And what about my flourishing cooking career?)

And lastly, the ultimate bummer: I am told to stop my food adventures. (Noooooo!…)

Being sick is no fun at all! 😦

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