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Creating And Building Through My Writing

My family comes from a long line of artists, thomasites and teachers. My parents, both creative experts in their respective fields, nurtured an imaginative atmosphere (writing, drawing, reading, music, etc.) making self expression quite evident at home.

I started reading at a very early age. Writing followed quickly.

Gram and my mom would often communicate with me and my brother in the English language, making it a more prominent form of discourse even if we lived in an all Filipino household.

On my part, my family challenged me a lot. I wasn’t treated as a stupid and weakly girl, hence I grew up thinking I wasn’t.

Which is why, it was of no surprise to the family, that I took Mass Communications as my field of study. I didn’t know how to design like my dad, draw like my brother, nor play the piano like my cousins. To write was the only thing I knew.

As the years went by, the quality of my writing and the genuine love for it, dwindled.

A writer who will not write is not really fit to be called a writer.

There were a lot of things to write about, but nothing excited me anymore. Sure I could write, but so can other people. What makes my work stand out from the rest?

My dad mentioned to me once that a real artist always leaves his mark. He cannot be copied because the work he creates is genuine to him alone. Only he can produce that kind of material. A fingerprint, if you will.

Then it struck me.

No one can write like I do because no one thinks like I do. No one synthesizes information like I can and have the skill to express that information to the written word.

Please excuse me if I sound like I am puffing my ego. I am not and my ego is not the point.

It only means some people write a certain way because the work they do is an extension of themselves, making every creative endeavor an experience on its own, if not, tangible as well.

I also discovered that to write means to feel strongly about a particular situation or subject matter. The writing eventually takes care of itself.

During my writing hiatus, I asked the Lord to lead me. To show me what to do with the skills he gave me. I was desperately searching for answers. As I grow in my walk with the Him, He made me realize that we are given gifts and talents for a reason. We are supposed to improve on it, use it, and share it. It is in our hands if we constantly accept the gift that He offers.

He showed me that my desire to create and build is enough in itself. Writing was simply the medium.

Do you see a man skilled in his work?
He will stand before kings;
He will not stand before obscure men.

 – Proverbs 22:29

A Life’s Work

Back in the day, I used to think that holding a desk job was the best thing that could ever happen to a fresh faced college graduate. That was then.

What seemed to be eons later, I’ve come to understand that freedom is the most important thing to me, if not, the only thing that matters.

Writing and freedom: I can’t seem to separate them anymore. The former is like food to the latter and vice versa. They both need each other to survive.

If you can’t write (express), how can you achieve freedom? If there is no freedom, how can you possibly write?

To write is freedom in the rawest sense of the word!

Being blessed with the gift of letters, I hope I am doing the best I can to make the most of this God-given skill: To share, sharpen and liberate.

To those who actually create and produce, nothing is more intoxicating than seeing your work come to life.

Appreciation is just secondary.

Since going pro for the first time in many years, I am gradually coming into my own skin.

Company titles and positions are man made, man given. Why in the world, would I want to settle for that?

Ultimately, with God’s grace, I am the writer (and editor) of my life’s greatest work.